Для любителей английского языка — две серии романов Стивена Лохеда

Для любителей английского языка и фэнтези хочу порекомендовать интересного христианского писателя Стивена Лохеда (о нем на лайвлибе).Stephen R. Lawhead.

Stephen R. Lawhead — Taliesin

В серии «Пендрагон» про Мерлина и Артура вас ждет и гибель Атлантиды, и друиды, и волшебство, и вера Христова (кельтское христианство), и желание основать «Королевство лета», чем-то напоминающее Царство Божие, и противоборство этому темных сил. На русский язык переведены три романа «Талиесин», «Мерлин», Артур» (непереведенными из серии остались «Пендрагон» и «Грааль», последний интересен тем, что написан от имени адепта тьмы, чем-то напоминает «Письма Баламута»).

Серия «Король-дракон» повествует о молодом пареньке Квентине, живущем в мрачном языческом храме в качестве послушника. Его судьба круто изменится, когда в монастыре окажется умирающий рыцарь с посланием для королевы.

Хотя в целом кажется, что серии рассчитаны на подростков, вот несколько примеров достаточно серьезных размышлений на тему веры (из трилогии):

Вот как Лохед описывает организацию общины вымышленной монотеистической религии во второй серии: «There were no priests-that is, not the way you think of priests. The Ariga approached the god alone, though they had readers-men who had studied the holy texts extensively, who spoke to them when they assembled, reminding them of the various tenets of their religion. But no priests interposed for the people».

Их молитвы были похожи на то, что Квентин знал раньше, но…  «Similar in the style of speech and the words used, but very different in the way in which it was delivered. There was no fear, no self-consciousness or ostentatious display of humility. The elder spoke simply and with assurance that his voice was heard by the god, as it was heard by the hundreds who filled the sanctuary»…

У них существовал главный обряд благодатного благословения Самим Богом: “They received many blessings throughout life, but this was a special one, delivered not by the elder or priest, but by Whist Orren, the Most High God himself.” “This special Blessing they carried throughout life, and it became a part of their life. They did not earn it, nor did it require a ritual of purification or obedience. The Blessing is the gift of the god. All that is required is a true heart and a desire to receive it.”

Когда Квентин хочет понять волю Божию, показанную ему в озарении, ему не дают прямого ответа: Quentin puzzled this and asked, “Then what does my vision mean?” “That is for you to discover. The god may show you in his own time, but most often knowledge only comes with struggle. You must work out the meaning yourself, for the interpretation comes in the doing.”“This is indeed different from the ways of the old gods,” said Quentin. “In the temple the people come to the priest for an oracle. The priest takes the offering and seeks an oracle or an omen on behalf of the pilgrim. He then explains the meaning of the oracle.”

А вот философия одного из героев, который идет в добровольное услужение Квентину: “I do not understand,” complained Quentin, though he did not much mind his lack of understanding. “That is because your people are brought up to believe that serving another is a weakness. It is not out of weakness that one serves, but out of strength.”

Но это же не его дело! — считает Квентин: “Anyway, it is not his concern; it is ours alone.” “It is anyone’s who will accept it,” said Toli with a certain finality.

О познании Бога: “Then you did not know, not for certain.” “No, not for certain. There is very little certain in this world. But, Quentin, you must learn to trust that small voice inside you, to stop and listen. The god leads by such hunches and nudges. Very rarely by direct command.”

О начале молитвы: That night, as Quentin lay upon his mattress in his shared quarters, he offered up his second prayer. “Most High God, let your servant see but a little ahead. Or, if not, give me the hope that drives out fear.”

О смирении. Квентин узнает, что монах, служащий Богу, никогда Его не видел и не слышал Его голоса напрямую, Он только узнал о Нем через священные книги и Его народ. Quentin was dumbfounded. Durwin had never seen the god he served so faithfully. Durwin’s words echoed in his mind: It is enough, I am content…

О работе памяти: Durwin used to say that all men were born with the knowledge of the Most High in their hearts. The trick is to spend more time remembering, and less time forgetting what we already know.”

О доверии: “On the contrary, my friend. To follow without seeing the end-in unbelief as you say-is really the highest form of trust.”

Об открытости Богу: Quentin smiled at the appellation. “You mean that I should go along with this strange business regardless of my own feelings about it.” “Exactly. Do not seek to hide your doubts and fears, or mask them in any way. Give them to him. Let him take them. They are, after all, part of you.”

О приоритетах в жизни: “Quentin is called to high deeds. Through him great things will be accomplished.” “So it is,” said Durwin. “But my Lady Bria speaks truth. He also must look to the nurturing of his home. King or no, that is a man’s first responsibility. The Most High is happy in small deeds, as well as large. I often think he must care less for temples than for the simple strength of a family.”

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